Welcome to Frederic Sealey Column – Daily real-estate Blog

Welcome to Frederic Sealey Column – Daily real-estate Blog

At times we tend to ignore that there is a human element in the real estate world that is often overlooked. Frederic Sealey Consulting is a  New York-based commercial real estate organization offering a wide range of real estate advisory service including expertise on business acquisitions, venture capital investment, capital markets, fund management, property co-investment and destination consulting.

Expertise & AIM

Our aim to reach the top as the market leader would be by collaborating, innovating and constantly thriving to widen and open up your skills and knowledge. We also capitalize on youthful enthusiasm and maximum experience among the property managers and sales agents. At Frederic Sealey, we are really proud to maintain the proper standard of excellence envied by another real estate broker.

Frederick Selay has 15 plus years of real estate investment experience in selling and negotiating in America’s most luxury and competitive commercial real estate market. His expertise and respect in the industry have been admired by many of his peers. His compassionate nature has always been the most valuable part of the business. On more personal level Frederic has a great passion for training and riding horses which has made him patient and driven his constantly towards the improvement.

We are really proud to assemble a highly skilled group of specialists and counselors of Commercial Real Estate Industry to give services whenever you decide to put your needs beyond the appraisal.


With the commitment to reach unparalleled excellence in the real estate industry. Frederic Sealey is dedicated to provide our clients professionalism and excellence in land development, leasing, commercial real estate, new sales, and marketing. Creativity, teamwork, technology, continued education and vigilant details on latest market trends allow us to be at the leading edge of the real estate market.

At Frederic Sealey Consulting we prepare all the clients for the upcoming challenges as well as the opportunities, requires accuracy and market insight. Our research analysts and consultants work together to give clarity and understanding through the complexities of ever-changing cycles in real estate world.

Frederic Sealey consulting company

Our main objective is to give more exposure to our clients and keep them up-to-date about the industry. We work with different types of industry stakeholders such as builders, private, developers, legal and financial service firms, institutional investors and building manufacturers. Our team of experienced consultant thrived to help clients make smart investment decisions. We do know when we get it all right and you succeed and return for the next project.

Why do you need to hire the consultant for all your executive decisions?

  • Institutional/Regulatory Requirements: banks, cities, pension funds and other regulatory requirements often require consultants and appraisers to support bond offerings and investment decisions.


  • Third Party Independent Opinion: on pricing and conversion assumption. Investors like to hire the consultants in order to verify the developer/builder partner’s revenue related options.


  • Strategic Advice: Advice related to important product decision and acquisition. Since a large amount of money is at risk, we are asked to bring in help to make some informed decisions on specific real estate assets.


  • Client’s Credibility: Bolstering the credibility of the clients for raising capital to private placements or IPOs.


Why Frederic Sealey Consulting?


  • Experienced Team: Under the mentorship of Frederic Sealey, our consulting agency is led by the team of senior management with 15+ years of extensive executive level development, consulting and home building experience.


  • Our Footprint: Most of our clients are concentrated in the major cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Not only limited to the real estate industry, we are the most diversified consulting group covering hospitality and entertainment sectors as well which allows us to share excellent service according to our client’s needs.


  • Excellent Service: Clients often face issues such as lack of time and that’s where Frederic Sealey Consulting team gets its knack for making the right move at the right time for the miracles to happen.


  • Excellent Reputation: Our reputation among real estate investors is formed by the continuous development in Research Group which has been reinforced by consulting team with unbiased and well thought out advice and recommendations.


Market Feasibility:

We offer the customized level of market analysis to our client’s needs from the quick look to the in-depth research report including the demand for exclusive models by risk indices and life stage.

Valuation and Cash Flows:

We hold expertise in direct experience and valuable models in managing the profitability and cash flow expectations that allow us to give better portfolio valuations on different projects.

Consumer Research

Our community forums and consumer surveys focus on building the confidence which is needed to create the right type of community with relevant segmentation and amenities. The consumer-based research directly promotes sales effort and focused development in real estate industry.

Community Segmentation

Based on refinement from years of research, our unique outlook to the commercial home segmentation enables our customers to enhance their investment which can capture a good amount of investment in return.

Performance Improvement

We utilize our years of market knowledge and experience to identify different ways to improve the projects to reduce risk and also make more money. We examine:

– Pricing as per different phases

– Property Positioning

– Model Merchandising

– Project Improvement

– Asset Monitoring

-Customized Portfolio Review

Property Redevelopment

We also prove assistance in planning and implementation of mixed-use and residential property development such as coordination with the re-development team, competitive case study, and strategic planning in proposed development.

Under the charge of Frederic Sealey, all the new developments get a personalized approach to the overall marketing. For any concern or queries about our services, kindly contact Frederic Sealey  .


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