Frederic Sealey Latest Condo Amenities in New York

Frederic Sealey Latest Condo Amenities in New York

Latest Condo Amenities in New York

New York’s real estate industry doesn’t count $10 million apartment as the ultra-luxury as highlighted by Ryan Serhant. The statement is backed by Frederic Sealey consulting firm that states the luxury homeowners are increasingly seeking for unusual amenities such as movie screening rooms, Tesla charging stations, indoor playhouses for kids and finally the dog spas.

Some of the luxury buildings are currently offering the standout features such as bowling alley, salt water pool, adult treehouse and the Turkish bath. In an interview, Ryan said in 2004 when he was looking for his first apartment with the budget equal to $3 million, he wanted something unique and new so he decided to buy 2200 sqft loft with the Jacuzzi to fit 8 people and multiple shp=ower heads on the roof, draining floor and also the vapor proof shower steam door.

The growing real estate price of the properties in New York has led to the addition of new amenities as per the demand of the buyers. Earlier buyers wanted the close proximity to the transportation but that’s an easily accessible thing these days. Nowadays there are high number of clients looking for stations to charge their Tesla cars and homeowners wanting large space for their kid’s playtime. The playground for kids has become an important area of focus for people looking for new home.

Latest Condo Amenities in New York from Dog Spas
Latest Condo Amenities in New York By Frederic Sealey

As per the report created by Frederic Sealey associates after analyzing what people from financial industry and Wall Street professionals think about current luxury items, some demands of rooftop pools like hotel while other desire for amenities such as screening room, wine cellars, dog spa and fitness rooms.

Apartment buildings in the New York City are all about entertaining ad attracting right customers. Most of the real estate developers have become really creative in the competitive world. For example, Soori Highline Project is located at an elevated park includes 4 ft deep heated saltwater pools within the living room in the apartments. The apartment designs will be open towards the outdoors and be surrounded by the glass. The apartments were developed and designed by Singapore based architect Soo K.Chan. The residents of the Soori Project will also be given the wellness program that will include meal planning and aquatic therapy. The apartments are expected to come to completion by October and will start within the price range of $3 million to $22.5 million.

Frederic Sealey highlighted that other property developers are focused on giving more experience to the tenants at the much lower price point. Manhattan Square has modern 800 ft tall tower which is being built on the edge of NY Harbor. The real estate developer is designing a vertical shaped village with 100,000 sq ft village with both outdoor and indoor amenities. The perks will include the adult tree house, bowling alley, Turkish bath, culinary lounge, fire pit at the outdoor, multiple swimming pools, demonstration kitchen and garden spaces.

In another interesting turn, NY’s luxury real estate marker is influxed with high-end buyers from Russia, China and all across the world who are competing for the New York’s 1% to buy home and that has further led to the expansion of the house search beyond the city.

The outskirts are heating up and the new real estate developments are seeing more than $16 million businesses across the Brooklyn area which was not as famous before. There are requests for the properties from the international buyers in places such as Harlem and Greenpoint.

The expansion is not only limited to horizontal movement across the riverside but beyond and vertically as well as the buildings are getting much tall. There was a time when the Woolworth was one of the tallest building in the New York but now it’s 25th tallest. Similarly, there are more buildings that are surpassed by new projects and currently, the tower of Central Park is the tallest building in the residential market standing tall at 1550feet with its completed construction.

As part of Manhattan;s Entertainment & Recreation area, they offer performance and screening room. Out of all the amenities, the high-end apartments in New York are getting an electric charging station for Tesla vehicles. A recent study analysis n New Energy Finance at Bloomberg by Frederic Sealey Consulting found that there has been a high number of electric vehicle sales and will further hit the mark of 41 million by the year 2040 constituting 35% of the sales. Real estate developers are trusting and risking on the electric vehicle market taking off and the results are the installation of the charging stations at luxury apartment buildings. Within New York City, charging stations include companies 610 Wareen Adam American Real Estate’s in Boerum Hill. The apartment has 31 unit building with 10 EV stations and Urban Staten Island by Ironstate Development with 900 unit rental with all new green amenities such as 300 car chargers and parking spaces.

All across NewYork, Brooklyn area, the charging stations are becoming the most popular amenity because for the property developers, adding these chargers are way to differentiate and get ahead in the real estate curve.

As per Frederic Sealey, the real estate consulting executive, the trend of installing the charges support greenwashing and put healthy, environmentally friendly public relation spins on different projects. The approach can also include the recycling rooms, bike rooms and also the composing. There is very less downside to the real estate developers. American citizens are getting energized about the plug-in vehicles and the sales have jumped from 28,241 in numbers to 40,748 within the first quarter of 2017.

In an effort to cope up with the need for urban growth in the charging stations, Tesla is expanding its program and will partner with various real estate projects in the New York city that will offer both parking and charging space in the residential buildings for fulfilling the needs of the property owners with electric cars. From foreign investors to the New York real estate giants, everyone’s raking in the new amenities in the real estate projects across the U.S.

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