Frederic Sealey Views Aston Martin Upcoming Miami Project

Frederic Sealey Views Aston Martin Upcoming Miami Project

Aston Martin Push Itself into the Real Estate Industry

Luxury Car brand Aston Martin’s latest project moves from acceleration and horsepower to the private pools, luxury living, and ocean views as the owner of slinky luxury British cars push itself into the commercial real estate industry for the very first time. According to the Frederic Sealey, Consulting associates this move is to establish Aston Martin as a broader luxurious brand in the multi-domain market.

British automaker, closely associated with the Hollywood’s James Bond movies recently announced the partnering with the real estate developer in downtown Miami. For its pilot project, Aston Martin is teaming up with the G&G Business Development, which is owned by prominent Coto family from Argentina.

On Wednesday, Aston Martin confirmed one of the properties including 66 story tower apartment in the downtown area of Miami. The facility is all set for completing by the mid-2021 and the project is all set to feature total; 391 condominiums which will include around seven penthouses and one complete duplex penthouse. Each penthouse equipped with the pools in private. The price for the penthouses and condominiums can range anywhere between $600,000 to $50 million.

Aston Martin All Set to Enter Real Estate Industry
Frederic Sealey states that this move will bring a brand new chapter in Aston Martin’s growth and its brand to all new audience throughout the world. During the opening ceremony, Simon Sproule, the Chief Marketing Officer said that the condominium project is an important part of our journey and the desire of bringing out our brand to the whole new audience in the real estate industry.

Though the English brand has an upcoming launch of DBX crossover, but the demand for such pricey cars are limited and the old traditional sports vehicles are under the huge threat due to the end to the deals in combustion vehicles within next few years.

This has lead to a great push in the biggest real estate project development by Aston Martin in Miami. This residential tower will be one of the biggest real estate project in pushing the brand and it will involve Project Neptune, a mini-luxury submarine concept revealed last month.

A few weeks ago, the brand announced that it was planning to collaborate with the Triton Submarines to build few luxury submarines tagged at $4 million price tag. Last year, the brand unveiled few powerboats as well and have also collaborated with high-end baby strollers. Aston Martin’s Miami residence along with the push into the handbags, yachts and baby strollers offer the revenue streaming which is less threatening as compared to the potential hurdles put up by the decision by U.K government to leave EU.

Aston Martin’s lead design team will be responsible for developing the interior designs and architect of the apartment building. The team is lead by Marek Reichman, CCO (Chief Creative Officer). The elements such as custom door handling and carbon fiber desks at the reception will be part of the internal architect. Coto says that their team has spent more time in looking for the right type of collaborator and ultimately selected the sports car giants Aston Martin because the brand resonated with the timely luxury on the global market. The creative design team will make sure every design is confirmed by them from the bathroom to kitchen finishes to the artistic walls. The most important distinction that keeps them apart from the other real estate project is the brand itself that will act as a marketing tool.

The Aston Martin condos will be overlooking the famous Biscayne Bay and the company has purchased the land of 1.25-acre which is further located on the riverside for an all-time record-breaking deal of $125 million at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way. The sail-shaped steel and glass construction is exclusively designed by the Bodas Miami Anger and Revuelta Architecture and offers direct passage to the yacht marina featuring cinemas, spa and virtual golf rooms and art gallery between floor 52nd to 55th.

Aston Martin is all set to gun for the same client base as of Porsche’s sixty story apartment Design tower about 20 miles away from the Sunny Isles Beach. The project will also offer car elevators for the drive to the room experience.

As per the COO, The partnership of Aston Martin will only happen if they get the right partners. German Coto, CEO G&G said that partnering with sports car giant Aston Martin will help the company elevate the design and status of the building. He also said that we understood the need for the brand who would be willing and also capable;e of taking the whole project to all new different level. Aston Martin is also licensing its brand name for its complete use. G&G has received the deposits of $150 million and expects to make it about $1 billion from all its condo sales.

Working on Aston Martin’s philosophy on “Art of Living” the interiors of the building will be completely inspired by the brand’s definition of beauty but at the same time, the Miami’s cool and tropical environment will also be taken into consideration to come up with the aesthetically luxurious apartments. Marek Reichman said Ason Martin’s approach is based on the overall beauty and it’s more about authenticity and the honesty of the material which is pure and simple.

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Every area of the building will be featuring signature items such as car brand’s trademark stitching style, colors, and material used from supple leather polished woods to the carbon fiber. Reichman has decided to incorporate the Aston Martin’s DNA with the help of subtle fina craftsmanship details with added comfort.

So, if James Bond ever wanted to call Miami the second home, it’s time he can. The first real estate project announcement has officially made Aston Martin enter the real estate industry with a bang as the company has decided to make the mark in all the important cities in the world and Miami is one of the happening cities in the United States.
Pricing has been confirmed over $1000/sqft. Miami residents can get ready to enjoy some of the exceptionally beautiful panoramic views of Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and the famous Miami Skyline.

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