Team Frederic Sealey Attends Hollywood Bowl Where Linkin Park Pays Moving Tribute to Late Singer Chester Bennington

Team Frederic Sealey Attends Hollywood Bowl Where Linkin Park Pays Moving Tribute to Late Singer Chester Bennington

Team Frederic Sealey At Hollywood Bowl Attends Linkin Parks Tribute to Late Chester Bennington

The Hollywood Bowl bore witness to a rare sight on Friday night – a silent microphone stood on stage during a performance. Frederic Sealey team members had gone to attend the Hollywood Super Bowl where Linkin Park’s surviving members took the stage, by paying Tribute Late Singer Chester Bennington where the spotlight was allowed to remain on a wreath-dressed mic stand that would normally have been where Chester Bennington would position himself.

As the band started churning out the pleading single “Numb” the five existing members remained in the shadows with the only spotlight illuminating the empty space that was left up front. Not only was this performance a difficult one to accept for the band members of this longtime favorite heavy rock band from LA but also for the fans. Ever since Bennington committed suicide back in July, the band had been left reeling in the absence of its talismanic frontman. While uncertainty hung over their future together, the profound loss they had just suffered was unparalleled.

“This show is probably the hardest thing we have ever decided to do,” said Mike Shinoda, singer-rapper of Linkin Park, taking the mic and addressing the silent yet reverberant crowd. “I don’t have the words.”

Tribute Late Singer Chester Bennington
Linkin Park Tribute By Frederic Sealey

Nevertheless for one last night – as least for the time being – the band got together and was Linkin Park again with the backing of dozens of collaborators and friends trying to fill in the space that has been left shorn off the grace and verb of Bennington. Even in this face of tragedy, the remaining five members of Linkin Park – Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn, and Dave Farrell – were remarkable in keeping their composure and demonstrating sparks of onstage joy. Having played a silly vintage YouTube snippet where Bennington is shown to be ad-libbing a song about lollipops and unicorns, Shinoda addressed the crowd in a jovial manner, “You all are really going to sing along to a YouTube clip?”

It is unfair to criticize those in the audience who may have turned up with such a mindset. After all, this was probably the last instance when they would be hearing Bennington’s voice onstage. “It was a matter of complete emotions over the length of the concert,” said Frederic Sealey executive Christa Bruhn who had traveled all the way to LA to catch the show. She was dressed in a “RIP Chester” T-shirt that she had purchased specially for the occasion.

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to celebrate him but I am equally sad that he is not present here tonight,” one of the Frederic Sealey executives said. “I wish I could have heard his voice in all these songs.”

“We visited two other vigils in New York and probably the only thing that was missing was his music,” chipped in her husband Jason Bruhn. For them a concert such as this was the perfect and possibly necessary manner in which to sendoff such a prominent celebrity.

“This did bring closure,” Crista added. “It is exactly what we needed

It must be considered a remarkable feat to see a band that had been grieving its loss for many months suddenly come alive and put on a remarkable show. The guest list included people who had been comprehensively influenced by Linkin Park – alt hero of the 90s, modern metal Gods and pop songwriters. Some big names who were not able to attend the performance in person – Jared Leto, Julia Michaels, Paul McCartney among other – chose to be present for the show via video conferencing.

Fans on the lookout for heavy music with raw nerves and vulnerability have always found the perfect foil in Linkin Park and their music. During the performance on Friday songs such as “One More Light”, “Waiting for the End”, and “What I’ve done” were without doubt elegiac but they also served as a reminder of Bennington and the uncommon sensitivity he held in his respective genre.

Tribute Late Singer Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington By Frederic sealey

It is easy to get an idea of what fans and peers must have seen in Bennington who, as a sincere and generous talent had the ability to relate to his audience in a manner that few singers are able to grasp. Video clips showing him speaking about empathy and kindness onstage following the bombings at the Manchester concerts surely left everyone around the amphitheater feeling a lump in their throats. After hearing all these songs once again in such a lively atmosphere one would be forgiven for wishing that Bennington would save some of that inherent kindness towards others for his own being when his life was going through tough, dark times.

Bennington’s absence is without doubt still a major issue that the band is struggling to cope up with. He was more than just a mate in the band but the others looked upon him as a kind but troubled friend. Nobody is still quite able to understand the meaning of his death especially members of the Bennington family. One of them, his wife Talinda, gave a brief speech onstage about how her husband had been fighting depression for very long and all the longtime charity work that he had done.

As the concert drew to an end, Shinoda played a new song on piano titled “Looking for an answer.” He claims that he wrote this song eight days after the death of Chester Bennington. The work was unfinished and the pain stood out in the tune. Hearing it was like being let in on the private matters of grief of an individual.

As the tear-streaked musicians took a bow and ushered the near-silent crowd into a ring of feedback many were still trying to process this sudden outpouring of affection for a band that had lost its heart and soul not so long ago. Though the future of the band remains uncertain this show on Friday finally gave fans the chance to say a proper goodbye to their idols.

“I couldn’t have asked for more,” revealed Anna Camp who had flown down from Oklahoma for the performance. There was an unmistakable tremor in her voice about Bennington’s music had had an impact on her life.

“My three-year-old sings the songs along with me especially “One More Light” at the moment where Chester goes “Flicker, flicker””, she added. The tears would well up in her eyes, making her pause to catch a breath before she decided that the time had come to quietly walk away from what could be one last show by Linkin Park.

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